Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment

When the word ‘root canal’ is mentioned, many people start cringing. In social, popular and mainstream media, root canal patients are shown to be the poor souls who hold their grossly swollen jaws and avoiding giving their mouths any movement due to extreme pain. These portrayals have really drawn some horrible concepts about root canal in people’s minds.

Before we discuss about the myths related to root canal treatment, it is worth mentioning that this treatment mainly focuses on getting some of the deeper dental issues corrected.  For instance, broken teeth, cavities, abscess and trauma are the issues which can be treated with root canal treatment.

Myths about root canal treatment

Now, the myths need to be mentioned here because these myths are the ones people believe in.

Root canal is painful

Root canal is commonly thought to cause pain. The matter of fact is that this treatment relieves the pain rather than producing it. Modern anesthesia has enabled the dentists to make the root canal treatment process a painless experience for the dental patients. Now, the post treatment pain and discomfort is inevitable but it’s not something which can be considered haunting for the dental patients.

Tooth removal is the better option as compared to root canal

Many people think that it is better to get the tooth extracted rather than having the root canal treatment. Just because there is another teeth restoration option available doesn’t mean that it is OK to get your normal tooth extracted due to a treatable infection. No restoration can help you regain the normal functionality of your oral cavity in an ideal way. Root canal treatment is there to help you affected tooth regain the normal function.

Tooth pain is the reason you may need root canal

Many people think that pain is the major reason one may need root canal treatment. It is not true. Pain is just a symptom which tells that there is an infection that requires treatment. Sometimes, the infection can result in the death of nerves inside the tooth. In that case, the tooth may not feel pain at all. But, the infection in the root causes tooth abscess to keep making things worse. In this scenario, it is recommended to get the dead nerves out and get the empty slot filled.

Root canal is a lengthy treatment

Root canal used to require many dental visits in the past. However, it is not the case now. Advanced treatment methods have enabled dentists to start and end the treatment in a single visit. Sometimes, the dental may ask you to get your oral cavity checked in the second visit in order to make sure that treatment worked for you.